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Fenders, Pnuematic : Polyform

Whether you're working on of the worlds most punishing fishing grounds or snugly berthed in the quietest marina, chances are Polyform products will be close at hand. We have aerned the trust of the most demanding users in the commercial marine and fishing industry as well as captains of the world's most prestigious yachts for 45 years - a trust developed through engineering and manufacturing excellence in producing the strongest, most reliable buoys and fenders in the world.

We have learned over the years that there is no substitute fro delivering a high quality product to our customers time after time. We use only the highest-grade resins, additives and colour formulations to produce a product that not only performs well in the most advserse conditions, but stays looking good for many years. The materials though are not the whole story. It takes manufacturing and engineering excellence to give you the advantages that our raw materials provide. Polyform designs and builds the mols used to produce our buoys and fenders, in house. We know where the critical points for strength and durability need to be for our buoys or fenders to last.

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