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Propeller Guards : PROP GUARD

A range of propeller guard that come with different colour differentiate the sizes to suit your needs. The guard is a safety device that minimize the divers, or survivors at sea from hurting by the rotating propeller of the outboard motor. The sizes and colours are as follows:

a. 9" Diameter Prop Guard, Saftey Yellow - for 9.9hp to 20hp
b. 11" Diameter Prop Guard, Safety Orange - for 25hp to 35hp
c. 13" Diameter Prop Guard, Safety Blue - for 40hp to 65hp
d. 14" Diameter Prop Guard, Safety Red - for 70hp to 100hp
e. 16" Diameter Prop Guard, Safety White, for 110hp to 350hp
(include all stern drives & Volvo Dual Props)

Model Description
PG/09 9" Prop Guard Safety Yellow enquire
PG/11 11" Prop Guard Safety Orange enquire
PG/13 13" Prop Guard Safety Blue enquire
PG/14 14" Prop Guard Safety Red enquire
PG/16 16" Prop Guard Safety White enquire
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