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When you stock and sell Evinrude-Johnson or OMC DURA-TANK.. you are selling the best ! How do we know ? Beacuse we tested it against the competitors' tanks and won !!!

DROP TEST : DURA-TANK can withstand a 20 feet height dropped at room temperature onto a cement floor. Then, at -30 deg. at 8 feet height dropped onto a cement floor. The Dura-Tank survived the drop test in great shape !

PRESSURE TEST : DURA-TANK withstands pressure under pressure...up to 10 times the maximum pressure that a tank would likely encounter when exposed to extreme temperatures, pressure and altitude.

FLAME TEST : DURA_TANK was held over a Bunsen burner while full of water. Once again, the DURA-TANK passed the test.

SHOCK and VIBRATION TESTS : DURA-TANK passed the both tests.

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