Inflatable : ACHILLES

Every Achilles boat is made with our own proven four-layered fabric reinforced with DuPont Hypalon. Achilles Corporation, Japan are one of the few inflatable boat companies that manufacture their own Hypalon fabric, and have for over 30 years. This ensures consistent quality year-to-year and boat-to-boat. No fabric is more effective in resisting damage from the elements, oil, gasoline or abrasions. And nothing is better for air retention than the interior Neoprene costing used. At Achilles, they take the extra time Hypalon hand-gluing requires to ensure that unsurpassed quality, safety and durability are built into every Achilles, from the smallest dinghy to the largest utility boat. So the question shouldn't be "which inflatable ?" but "which Achilles?".

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